d Zhou Jijun.

d Zhou Jijun.
Zhou Jijun’s face was solemn, not daring to be careless at all. He drew his sword and turned back. The red energy flew out from the halo behind his head, transforming into a ten-thousand-foot-tall snake man, and walked towards the giant palm of an average size.
A soft “Hey” sound came, but this move was far beyond the man’s expectations. The two collided, and the snake man flew out tremblingly, but without damaging his roots, he roared and turned back to the bright spot behind Zhou Jijun’s head. Zhou Jijun also used this to fly away, flying through twelve reincarnation passages one after another. Just stopped.
“It’s him!”
His eyes fell on the human face that emerged from the clouds in the sky, and even the usually calm Fei Hai couldn’t help but change his face.
It was an extremely pale face, as if carved out of jade. His ears, nose, mouth, and eyes seemed to be smiling. What was even more weird was that he held a white jade-like fire candle in his mouth.
The six saints of mountains and seas, headed by Nuwa, can become saints, how can the other five wait for it?
Zhou Jijun once read the “Book of Mountains and Seas”, and now he saw the strange appearance of the man holding a candle in his mouth. His heart was pounding, but he knew who the saint he was.
There is a saint in the mountains and seas, with a human face and a dragon body, holding a candle in his mouth, lighting up the gloom in the sunless place in the northwest. The eyes are strange. When the eyes are opened, the sky is bright, which is daytime; when the eyes are closed, the sky is dim and the ground is dark, which is night.
This saint’s name is Zhu Yin.
“It’s because you killed Ying Long and wanted to kill Emperor Yan.”
The warm voice echoed in Zhou Jijun’s ears, like a gentle breeze, making Zhou Jijun feel comfortable. He looked around at the blue sky and blue clouds. Tomorrow hangs high, but I don’t know when this reincarnation passage turned into daylight.
/Looking at Zhu Yin with a smile on his face, Zhou Jijun felt uneasy. At this time, he just wanted to rush to Moxiang City to rescue Yue Luosha as soon as possible, so how could he get entangled with this saint who didn’t know his purpose. When Zhou Jijun transformed into a snow-white roc, he spread his wings and flew quickly, shuttling through the passage of reincarnation.
But the next moment, the sun hanging in the clouds suddenly disappeared, and the white moon and stars emerged from the night clouds, but Zhu Yin closed his eyes, and night had fallen on the reincarnation passage.
Day and night alternated ten times at the snap of a finger. Zhou Jijun spread his wings and flew between day and night, anxious. But the more he flew, the more he felt something was wrong, but he was so focused on rushing that he fell into the gap between day and night without realizing it, and it was difficult to escape.
Closing his wings and returning to his original form, Zhou Jijun raised his head and looked back at the human face beyond day and night.
Zhu Yin narrowed his ey